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General Info & Sales/PCB Sales:

Midstate’s History:

Established in 1977, our founder and President, Mark Fortier, opened Midstate Electronics as a store front television repair/hobbyist outlet in central Connecticut. Today, Midstate Electronics is a broad-spectrum supplier including electronics that is 100% employee-owned. In 2008, we switched to this ownership model to ensure each employee has a vested interest in the company’s continued success and cooperative prosperity with our clients and partners. Under this model, Midstate has flourished since the days of the Mom & Pop TV & Electronics shop and is now a leading regional distributor, with a HUGE advantage: we stock locally. If you have the need, we will have the stock.

Our Resources

Midstate Electronics establishes and maintains strong relationships with all providers such as PCBs, passive electro mechanical entities, cable assembly firms, contract manufacturing sector sources and, in many cases, active component suppliers. Our team has the experience and the relationships that enable us to compete with the mega store distribution firms but provide the personalized customer service these giants so often lack. In addition to our robust inventory that allows us to source and deliver what and when clients need; we are experts at locating hard-to-find components that our competitors can’t or won’t discover.

How We Work:

As an employee-owned company, each and every single member of the Midstate team is committed to delivering not only the products our customers need, but exceptional service as well. Our staff of problem-solvers is adept at all aspects of the supply chain and can integrate our resources from the inception point, reducing the time and cost to our customers.

We strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence, while reducing the cost to our customers and on-time delivery that is second to none in the industry.